The Globalists Corruption of Language…among other things.

Don’t dismiss CEPI [Coalition on Epidemic Preparedness and Innovation] and its plan for the 100 day vaccine. It is funded and controlled by some of the most powerful entities in the world.

— Dr. Meryl Nass

Below is an excellent article by Dr. Meryl Nass. The entire article is worth the read. There are highlights below.

  • WHO, Gro Brundtland, the Plan to leave no one unjabbed using untested 100 day vaccines, and how portable vaccine factories will allow the entire human herd to be jabbed simultaneously--but with what?

    The rulers bought the best public relations experts, and have continually refined the language they use to convince us we are being herded into a better tomorrow. The term ‘New World Order’ just didn’t have the right connotations. ‘Build Back Better’ made smashing our current systems sound like it was perhaps a good thing. But when leaders around the world starting saying it in unison, the people got suspicious and the term was dropped.

    The current preferred terminology includes: sustainable and inclusive. And equity: which to the rulers means we all get the same justice; we are all exposed to the single narrative and we all get the remdesivir but not the ivermectin or HCQ. It is of great interest that the WHO and globalists do NOT use the word equality, which is much better understood. Equality means we are all equal. The globalists don’t want that, so they chose a word that sounds very similar but means something different, and they hope you think it means equality. Bold means we will turn your world upside-down. Urgent means before you have time to grasp what we are doing.

    Sustainable means that your standard of living must drop because according to the rulers it is unsustainable. That is true if they engineer depressions, wars and such. Inclusive means you get the jab (preferably mRNA) whether you want it or not. Everyone is included. No one is allowed to opt out. That is why the enforcers are so dead-set against vaccine exemptions.

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