The Great Awakening by Alex Jones

What motivates me is that I am genuinely at war with the globalists. I know they’re parasites and control freaks who believe they’re better than us. I believe they’ve exacerbated societal ills to make us more manageable, and one of the ways they do that is by censoring and demonizing those who oppose their plans.

— Alex Jones, The Great Awakening

Two guys standing in a prison looking the prison cells. MSM says, Take your pick. ME say, I'll pass. Caption: The Prison of Ideas

The Great Awakening by Alex JonesWhen I think about my pre-COVID self…it’s embarrassing, like remembering my first interactions with girls or maybe better described as my non-interactions with them as an introverted teenager. In my pre-COVID days, or as Pierre Kory might say, in my “Old Glen” days (yes, my first name is Glen, thinks for outing me, Brian) I trusted most of the news and thought there were a lot of conspiracy theories out there: prominent assassinations, various explosions and shootings, buildings falling, planes doing weird things in the sky and wars we shouldn’t be involved in.

And, of course, there was Alex Jones.

I didn’t know much about Alex Jones back then, but I did know he was a conspiracy dude, probably a nutjob, someone you wouldn’t or shouldn’t mention in polite society unless you too wanted to be considered a nutjob or a wearer of tinfoil hats.

My, oh my, oh my, how things change.

Early on in the Pandemic, after Rush Limbaugh died, I started listening to Steve Bannon. I remember he made some kind of disparaging comment about Alex, then later Bannon interviewed him and now Bannon writes the forward to this book. When Bannon first mentioned him I had just started reconsidering Alex Jones because I and so many others were beginning to realize the “conspiracy theorists” had been right about a lot of things. One of my favorite memes at the time (and there were lots of variations on this) showed something like the following:

Couple at breakfast. How to talk to Conspiracy Theorists. I'm sorry, babe. You were right all along.The Prison of Two Ideas

I think a lot of my problem before Covid was an inability to see I had choices other than those that really offered no choice. Should I vote Democrat or Republican? What Muslim country was responsible for 911? It’s like watching the Super Bowl when my team never even made it to the playoffs. Who do I want to win? Does it even matter?

Alex writes:

But back to the good and evil dichotomy or, as many like to say, the prison of two ideas. You’re being provided a false choice.1

A Donkey and Elephant looking at a woman. Who do you like the best, the elephant asks. I hate both of you equally, the woman responds.Part of what Alex has done during his career (and in this book) is show his listeners and readers that there are other choices, other ways to think about the events, organizations and people the Mainstream Media (MSM) and globalists push in front of us with their open and hidden agendas.

The full title of Alex’s book is: The Great Awakening: Defeating the Globalists and Launching the Next Great Renaissance. This is a wide ranging book. Alex goes into detail about AI, communism, propaganda, war, tyrants, Epstein, Covid and more. He quotes extensively from MSM articles often explaining how even in propaganda, if you know what you’re looking for, you can figure out the truth.

His co-author, Kent Heckenlively, said this about Alex:

It’s been great working with Alex. He’s a wonderful collaborator with a brilliant, almost photographic memory.2

This comes through in the book. Alex makes lots of connections from research papers, articles, books, history and his own personal experiences. While reading it I kept saying to my wife: “I really like this book” and “I really like Alex Jones.” Alex mentions Rogan, Tucker, Brand and others that have slowly moved toward his way of thinking. In the book he says he’s proud that he had a small hand in that, but more than that he realizes that in the case of Rogan and Tucker that their reach is bigger than his and he’s more concerned about there being a great awakening than taking credit for it.

I highly recommend The Great Awakening. Here are some quotes from it. Enjoy!

But whether we believe in something beyond this world or not, we each have the capacity to see the reality of what is taking place today on our planet. We can see the evil that walks among us and take actions that make sense for humanity.3

When Hillary Clinton called you a “deplorable” or Joe Biden refers to “ultra-MAGA,” they’re using Mao’s strategy. Don’t believe for a moment they don’t know what they’re doing.4

When one wonders how a network like Fox News can fire its most popular host, like Tucker Carlson, it’s because Fox News is such a small part of the corporation’s portfolio. They’re not interested in Fox News as an independent source of journalism; it’s part of the marketing department of a larger conglomerate.5

Where are the people of integrity in the government? It seems that all the politicians, the bureaucrats, the generals and admirals, and military-industrial-intelligence contractors are just pigs at the trough, and we’re the ones stuck paying for the feed.6

When one looks at how our leaders deceive us and the hidden little details omitted from the published “truth”—it’s understandable why three American presidents, Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy, fought so hard to stop this madness.7

And yet, when networks like Fox (or CNN for that matter) pursue policies like firing Tucker Carlson (or only having an endless parade of anti-Trump stories), which are so clearly against their own financial success, one must consider that another agenda is at play.8

Try it. Tell the truth about something. You feel it every day. The more you tell the truth, the stronger you become. That’s completely real.9

Alex quotes Robert Kennedy in 1968:

“Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a world that yields most painfully to change.”10

Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty of sex trafficking children. The judge refuses to release the list of who she sold them to. Up until the list is released, we have only one conclusion: all of them are in on it. Every last billionaire, prince, and politician. Every media mogul, banker and person of interest.11

Alex on Trump:

How did President Trump handle the COVID-19 pandemic? Really bad…His instincts were good, but he didn’t follow them. In the end, he listened to the Deep State establishment, people like Fauci; Alex Azar, head of Health and Human Services; and Scott Gottlieb, head of the Food and Drug Administration (both former lobbyists for Big Pharma).12

And on the other, this is the man who agreed to “Fifteen Days to Slow the Spread,” which turned into years of lockdowns, harming children, and devastating small businesses, as well as sanctioning an insane “Warp Speed” COVID vaccine development and doing nothing when his public health establishment went after therapeutics, killing hundreds of thousands of Americans and millions around the world. He had the pirates and the renegades at the table, and he sided with the establishment.13

Trump was like a lion surrounded by a pack of wolves. And yet, he sold himself to us as the meanest SOB on the block, able to see through the lies and do the right thing. COVID-19 was the hill a worthy president should have fought and died upon.14

But so many adults in our society are content to sit at the kid table, where they’re just talking about what’s on Netflix, their favorite sports team, or the latest pop culture shiny object. We need to move to the adult table and talk about these things.15

A lot of people who are in the matrix don’t even understand there is a matrix. You need to be gentle with them. That’s why it’s important to communicate in a way that results in people listening.16

The Great Awakening is about saying “No” to these lies and declaring we were built by an amazing Creator. Humans can create beautiful architecture, music, culture, and scientific wonders. When we seek to create in accordance with the divine, we create things that renew that sense of awe and reverence in us and reflect a grandeur in spirit like the great cathedrals of Europe do in stone.17

You do not need to worry about or figure out a fix for every wicked act in the world. Just be the person God intended you to be, in the part of the world where you have influence. Only worry about the fight that comes to you. Rest assured, there will be enough fights to go around, and you’ll have your chance to make a stand with God.18


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