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It’s not an order, it’s just a suggestion, maybe a gentle nudge…down the road, well, I might have to make it more of an order, you know, I mean it has been more than two weeks since it was published. You may not think you need the book, but that’s really up to us here at , don’t you think? Are you really capable of making that decision? Holy crap! Did you see that? I think it was a UFO! Just buy the book. It’ll be better for you if you do. Oh Shit! Do you see that balloon?! It’s a safe book and I hear it’s very effective and you can trust me because I’m the author who wants to make millions upon millions of dollars…so why would I lie to you? Seriously.

I’m Nobody. Who Are You? Can We Save the World? has been published. It is available to purchase on new window).

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Yes, this is a real review. We’re not kidding. Guttermouth from The Gutter writes about the book:

“It’s a cool gift for a fellow-dissident friend that can relate to the material. It’s like reading a war journal by someone you never met that was in the same conflict as you; you mostly read it for the good feelings you have as you nod along in agreement and reinforce the neural pathways that got fired up as you lived through your particular shared-but-unshared moment of history’s hell.”

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