Reviews of I’m Nobody. Who Are You? Can We Save the World?

I’m Nobody. Who Are You? Can We Save the World? has been published. It is available to purchase on new window).

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On my Substack John wrote:

“I received your book today, and I can now honestly say, I couldn’t put it down. I read it from cover to cover, flipping pages with anticipation and delight. I read words and sentences that sounded as though they were flowing from my own mind (even to the point of reading the sentences that “filled that empty space” at the very end).

I will review. I will share. I will continue the fight of the nobodies of the world.”

Guttermouth from The Gutter writes about the book:

“It’s a cool gift for a fellow-dissident friend that can relate to the material. It’s like reading a war journal by someone you never met that was in the same conflict as you; you mostly read it for the good feelings you have as you nod along in agreement and reinforce the neural pathways that got fired up as you lived through your particular shared-but-unshared moment of history’s hell.”

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In a comment on another post Sunny had this to say:

Well fellow inmate,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading “I’m Nobody. Who Are You? Can We Save the World?(opens new window)

All of the issues that you have raised in the book have been a huge part of my becoming more knowledgeable. From day one I consciously vowed not to live my life in fear. I investigated and researched the vaccine and refused to kowtow to group think and virtue signally. Even with consequences from a family member, I would not give into peer pressure. I thought that was an important example to teach to my grandchildren. There is no doubt that our basic freedoms have been taken away. Freedom is my most basic value, the essence of life. I am very passionate about that.
Every year at Passover it is what we commemorate.

You gave some very good concrete ideas on how we nobodies can make a difference. It is very helpful to have a list of resources. (I’ve already subscribed to several recommendations and will continue to add to my list.)

I plan on giving your book as gifts to several like minded friends.

I don’t know how you found me, but I’m sure glad you did! Thanks for reaching out and writing such an important book.

Page 91. Inmate exchange with NY Times was hilarious. (I didn’t want to give it away.)

Mr. Thursday reviewed the book on Amazon. He gave it 5 stars and had this to say:

A fun and funny take on our crazy world

This was a fun and very funny book, written in an interesting and innovative style. We’re all basically inmates in this open-air asylum known as Western Civilization in 2023. Here’s an enjoyable letter from a fellow inmate to lift your spirits, let you know you’re not alone, and inspire you with the possibility that maybe there are enough kindred spirits that we can change this world for the better. For anyone who feels like our postmodern culture has gone completely crazy, this book will be a thoroughly enjoyable read.

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Another Amazon review by John:

We can, and we must.

A great way to spend an hour or so. The words of so many who love freedom, but who have never written them for others to embrace, are now available in short order and short form. If you love freedom, reality and truth, all sprinkled with levity, more honesty and bit of snarky meme, this book will delight. We can, we must, and we will save the world.

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