The New York Times writes Hit Piece on Dr. Robert Malone

Of course they did. No one on the other side will debate Malone, despite Steve Kirsch offering large sums of money, which tells you just how scared they are because these people love accepting large sums of money.

Steve Kirsch has written an article about this and has asked the author to debate him, Malone and others in a recorded video. Won’t happen, of course, but Kirsch continues to make this very good point…over and over and over and no one will accept the challenge.

All of us misinformation spreaders have been desperately seeking to talk with ANYONE who can explain how the evidence is consistent with “safe and effective.” Nobody qualified is willing to do that.

Kirsch writes:

I offered a million dollars to any member of the CDC or FDA committee to answer some questions. No takers.

I offered to pay the student loan debt of any med school student who could answer our questions. Five people responded but none of them could answer even a single softball question we gave them.

So I then offered any qualified “authority” a similar offer saying we would pay their asking price if they were willing to answer our questions. No takers. Again, not a single person could answer any of the softball “qualifying questions” we asked on the form.

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