The Next Big Event Isn’t Coming…It’s Already Here

Woman looking out window: That young jogger just dropped dead! Her Husband sitting at the table: Breaking news, Dear! Celebrities plan to the leave the country if we elect Trump.

I keep hearing that people feel like something big is about to happen, either something big and good or something big and bad.

Regarding the former, I hope so, but I’m not counting on it. The best thing, it seems to me, is to continue living a meaningful life: loving family and friends and doing the right things, maybe hard, courageous things, when the circumstances around us change and demand it.

Regarding the bad. That’s already here. It has been here for a long a time. The rest is to distract us from what the elites, the powers that be, do not want becoming mainstream knowledge:

  • Vaccine deaths and injuries
  • Human trafficking, specifically, child trafficking

Vaccine Deaths and Injuries

Excess deaths and injuries are starting to make it into the mainstream. There have been articles in  USA Today, Newsweek and The Hill. They still do not acknowledge the vaccine connection (something the authors had to do to get these published), but it’s something we would not have seen a year ago.

And people are backtracking. Most recently, as documented by el gato malo, Francis Collins. Some of these people are trying to preemptively excuse themselves from guilt, trying to persuade us that they only had the best intentions despite the mistakes they made. Forgive us, forget about it and let’s all move on.

To hell with them. What Francis Collins said is despicable:

If you’re a public health person, and you’re trying to make a decision, you have this very narrow view of what the right decision is, and that is something that will save a life. Doesn’t matter what else happens, so you attach infinite value to stopping the disease and saving a life. You attach zero value to whether this actually totally disrupts people’s lives, ruins the economy, and has many kids kept out of school in a way that they never might quite recover from. This is a public health mindset… and that was really unfortunate, it’s another mistake we made.

These were not mistakes, these were volitional decisions and Collins and others worked hard to silence anyone with a dissenting opinion. So no forgiveness, no amnesty. Justice is needed here so this never happens again.

Common knowledge of vaccine deaths is problematic for the elites. No matter what political affiliation, what religious belief or what economic status someone has, losing a family member and realizing that it was the vaccine will anger people. Hence the effort by people like Collins to distance themselves or excuse themselves for what was done and is being done to us (we just lost another family member, most likely to the vaccine, in December, he was in his early 50s).

More and more people are going to try exonerate themselves, to make themselves look like caring, sincere leaders whose only goal was to save lives.

Or they’ll blame Trump for all of it.

Trump’s continued silence on the vaccine deaths and injuries is troubling and it may come back to haunt him in a big way.

The elites don’t need a big event, they just need everyone to think there is going to be one (WWIII, another pandemic, massive cyber attack, the Epstein client list, etc, etc, etc), while the vaccinated continue to die from blood clots, myocarditis and cancer or live through the hell of debilitating side effects. And while everyone worries about the “next big thing,” the powers that be can work hard to normalize all these deaths and vaccine disabilities by attributing it to climate change, the newest strain of Covid, the lockdowns, the unvaccinated and whatever else they can get a tired, unhealthy, fearful and propagandized population to believe.

Human / Child Trafficking

Human and child trafficking would not flourish without lots of people willing to pay for it.  No demand, no more trafficking.

It could be eradicated overnight. The dream of a ridiculous man.

If elite pedophiles are exposed to people in the mainstream will there be hell to pay? I hope so. Even many criminals despise those who hurt and abuse children. The more these people are exposed by alternative media, the better our chances that some of them will decide to turn against their comrades.

Walk with Consequence

Naomi Wolf wrote in The Bodies of Others,

Indeed, one of the reasons our current crisis feels so strange and disorienting to us humans, especially to us Western humans, is that it was in some ways modeled by machines and by programmers and may well have been continually modified via machine learning. We are not living through organic human history as it has unfolded in the past.

So maybe the “machines”, as we have seen in so many science fiction movies, are attacking us, but, as so often happens in life, the reality of how such a thing is carried out is much different.

We’re expecting The Matrix while the whole thing is happening right before us via social media, the mainstream media, government policies and the propagandized influenced and directed by A.I. algorithms.

They want us to forget about what they’ve done. Look what they do with social media. There is an algorithm that learns and catalogs our likes and dislikes with every click, with every pause to read, with every comment, every share, every follow and anything else we do online so we can be fed the stories and memes most likely to herd us in the direction they want.

It is sobering to realize that in our lives we are daily interacting with people who have succumbed to this hideous strength.

Today, right now, is our biggest event.

I like what James Howard Kunstler recently wrote:

2024 is on. It’s the time many of us have been waiting for. We’re in it. Stay alert. Make the right choices. Exercise situational awareness. Get ready to walk with consequence.

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Breaking news, Dear! Celebrities plan to the leave the country if we elect Trump.

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