The No License for Disinformation Irrelevant Tweeters

Take a look at this tweet by the astute disinformation police, No License for Disinformation (NLFD):

Here’s the text. NLFD comments on this tweet by Jay Bhattacharya:

There is no mortal who can credibly claim to unerringly distinguish true scientific and medical information from misinformation. It is hubris to pretend otherwise. The attempt to regulate medical speech violates civil liberties, harms science, and will ultimately harm patients.

Here’s what the NLFD has to say:

@DrJBhattacharya yes or no, do COVID-19 vaccines contain microchips?

I’ve noticed this in the NLFD Gestapo before, they don’t address the actual comment by the doctor or people they are criticizing, they either ask a question or make a statement that has absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter. This is, of course, is a typical tactic. They’re trying to associate the individual with something absurd.

For example, I might ask the NLFD: “What big pharma whore is paying you to say these things?” Now, admittedly, the association I’m insinuating would not be absurd, it is, in fact, quite likely, though I would never, of course, posit such a thing as an absolute certainty. If I’m right, that would also make the NLFD whores, which is something to keep in mind next time you happen to see one of the NLFD’s enlightening tweets.

They are also willing, apparently, to quote anything that might, in their subservient little minds, bolster the propagandized illogical position they hold. For example, take a gander at this gem that they quoted from an article written almost a year ago:

NLFD Big Pharma quote

Here’s the text:

It’s common knowledge that anti-vaxxers are dedicated to filling the coffers of Big Coffin. Simple math leads to another obvious conclusion: they also work extremely hard to enrich hospitals and Big Pharma..@19joho | Science Based Medicine

This comes from an article that asserts the vaccines are very effective at keeping people out of hospitals. This is their argument: the unvaccinated cost all the responsible people billions of dollars because they were the ones in the hospitals. Far from simple, the math used for this calculation must be so complicated that no one in their right mind would even want to try to understand it.

Once you realize the CDC, the FDA, big pharma and governments around the world are lying to us, it’s a lot easier to spot blatant propaganda. That’s what this article is. It’s obvious who is enriching big pharma and it ain’t the unvaccinated: it’s our governments using our taxes to both enrich big pharma and themselves by pushing vaccines that people don’t need and that are now proving to be dangerous.

I plan to keep an eye on NLFD….so you don’t have to. It’s a thankless job and one no one has to do it, but I’m going to do it anyway.

NLFD Meme.

The meme I made back in January 2022

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