The Pandemic Treaty?

After the fake president took office changes in our country and the world have been moving forward (or maybe a better word would be “backward”) at an alarming rate. There is so much information on many, many fronts that it becomes impossible to keep up. I never heard of the Pandemic Treaty until this morning via an article by Dr. Joseph Mercola(opens new window). I won’t link to it because his articles disappear after 48 hours. You may want to read why he’s doing that(opens new window). It’s disturbing.

Anyway, he wrote a recent article entitled: “The Pandemic Treaty Is a Spreading Plague.” One of the things Mercola does in his articles that I really appreciate is his “Story At-A-Glance” at the beginning of each article. Here it is for this one:

  • The globalist cabal wants to monopolize health systems worldwide, and a stealth attack is already underway in the form of an international pandemic treaty, proposed by the World Health Organization
  • The treaty is a direct threat to a nation’s sovereignty to make decisions for itself and its citizens, and would erode democracy everywhere. Not only would the treaty empower the WHO to mandate COVID jabs and vaccine passports globally, it could potentially also expand the WHO’s power to dictate all health care policy worldwide
  • The treaty would also give the WHO the power to censor health information worldwide. This would be disastrous, as the WHO has a long history of corruption and health policy failures that are intrinsically linked to conflicts of interest
  • When people are harmed by the WHO’s health policies, there’s no accountability because the WHO has diplomatic immunity
  • Bill Gates, the second largest funder of the WHO, has also been funding pandemic exercises, including Event 201 and the Nuclear Threat Initiative’s exercise on international response to deliberate biological events. This scenario involved a deliberate release of a genetically engineered bioweapon — a pneumonic plague — for which there is no available treatment. Both exercises were held in 2019

This is how far we’ve come. Just a few years ago I probably wouldn’t have thought much of this, but after the last couple of years this makes sense. Not to mention, but I will anyway, I don’t trust any organization that gets funding from Bill Gates, a man who recently said we should all be eating synthetic meat.

I do think all rich countries should move to 100 percent synthetic beef….You can get used to the taste difference, and the claim is they’re going to make it taste even better over time….Eventually, that green premium is modest enough that you can sort of change the [behavior of] people or use regulation to totally shift the demand.

— Bill Gates, Beef Central (Opens new window)

Here are some articles and a video that relate to the pandemic treaty proposed by the WHO:

  • The World Health Organization's Controversial 'Pandemic Treaty'

    Apparently, even lots of countries have no idea about this.

  • European Parliament - Parliamentary Question - March 7, 2022

    At the end of this there is this question:

    To what extent will the Commission ensure that the citizen, who has no direct vote in a body such as the WHO, is not bypassed in the decision-making process and that a shift of competence further and further away from the voter does not lead to an increasing ‘de-democratisation’ of our society?

  • The WHO and the Pandemic Preparedness Treaty

    The progressive centralisation of authority to supra-national entities like the World Health Organization (WHO) operating through international treaties and agreements has been a consistent slow-marching phenomenon.

    Despite the high esteem which has been afforded to the WHO by its industry and media acolytes, it has become just another corrupt privately funded organisation which is quietly accumulating the power to undermine democracy and the sovereignty of the nation state.

  • An international treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness

    Below is one of the stated benefits of the treaty. We all know what this means:

    Restoring trust in the international health system

    The agreement would ensure that there is more transparency, more accountability, and more shared responsibility in the international system.

    In addition, it will set the foundation for better communication and information to citizens. Misinformation threatens public trust and risks undermining public health responses. To redeem citizen trust, concrete measures should be foreseen to improve the flow of reliable and accurate information as well as to tackle misinformation globally. [emphasis mine]

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