The Rules of Medicine: A Medical Professional’s Guide for Success

Steve Kirsch has been on fire lately. Really good articles. Great content. Poignant, satiric, biting and full of truth. This one is really good. He lists 45 points that today’s woke doctors follow. Here are the first 8:

  1. Doctors should always follow the guidance of the CDC and NIH, even when it is wrong.
  2. Any doctor who contradicts what the CDC or NIH say shall have their license to practice medicine revoked.
  3. The CDC, FDA, and NIH are always right. So is the IDSA. However, in the event of a disagreement, the CDC always wins.
  4. Unless you are an infectious disease specialist, your opinion on infectious diseases does not matter because you are not qualified to render an opinion.
  5. Ivermectin doesn’t work. There will always be “insufficient evidence” to recommend it, no matter how much evidence there is.
  6. Peer-reviewed published systematic reviews and meta-analyses are now considered to be “insufficient evidence” even if there are multiple ones (like there are for ivermectin).
  7. Early treatments for COVID using cheap repurposed drugs don’t work, no matter what the evidence says. The fact that George Fareed and Brian Tyson were able to treat 10,000 COVID patients without a single death was just due to good luck.
  8. If you see something that contradicts the narrative, don’t say anything. This is known as the “See something, say nothing” policy. This is particularly important for doctors who are seeing massive numbers of deaths from the vaccine.

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