The School of COVID

One of the reasons it is easy to understand that all this COVID stuff is bullshit, is because you’re not allowed to ask questions about it or even question it. You’ll only find that outside the Mainstream Media (MSM). The extremely credible people you find on the outside (I’m thinking of Dr. Robert Malone at the moment) are then vilified by the press as quacks and conspiracy theorists. Something ain’t right, folks.

The School of COVID a Meme using detail from the School of Athens

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I heard Trump said the vaccines are out of this world. Let's get it!

Dude, calm yourself, do some legitimate research and come back down to earth!

This is disturbing. Twitter just banned Socrates. Apparently, asked too many questions about the vaccine.

Who the hell is Brandon?

As censorship increases also consider using email and text messages to send links.

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