There Are No Coincidences: Eris Rises

The variant that is bringing back mask mandates and, don’t worry, much worse in the future, is named Eris.


The Greek goddess of strife and discord.

Her opposite, Harmonia, is the goddess of harmony and concord. I haven’t seen her around here in quite some time. I hope I used the correct pronoun.

Who picked the name, Eris, and why? She is credited with, if I can believe Wikipedia, starting the Trojan War by introducing a golden apple at a wedding (that she wasn’t invited to) inscribed with “For the most beautiful one,” which caused all kinds of problems as the multiple goddesses present all considered themselves to be deserving of that title.

Strife and discord.

There are no coincidences with these people.

The Hesiod quote on the image reads:

For indeed, she fosters evil war and struggle, being unyielding. No mortal at all loves her, but, by necessity of the immortals, they honor Eris the iron-willed and burdensome.

— Hesiod, Works and Days


Illustration of the goddess, Eris

This is a pencil illustration of Eris, the Greek goddess of discord, drawn by Spencer Alexander McDaniel in June 2020. Her peplos is green, symbolizing envy, a common source of strife. In her right hand, she holds golden apple…In her left hand, she holds a xiphos, a kind of ancient Greek sword. A passage from Hesiodos’s Works and Days is written in Greek on her right. My own English translation of the passage is written on her left. Katolophyromai, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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