They Want to Kill Us by Jack King

Doctors surely kill enough people without encouraging them to do it legally and on purpose.

— Jack King

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They want to kill us by Jack KingThey want to kill us.

They are killing us.

They have been killing us for a long time.

  • They kill us with wars.
  • They kill us with food.
  • They kill us with drugs.
  • They kill us with fear.
  • They kill us with lies.
  • They kill us in hospitals.
  • They kill us with vaccines.

After I finished the first draft of this blog I started thinking about the above paragraphs. Am I just being overly dramatic? Am I just trying to shock? Is this really what’s happening? If I’d read that just five years ago, I’d have written off the author…and now here I am the one writing it.

Not only the one writing it, but I think it’s true.

The plan is a devious one: instead of going house to house and shooting people in the head where they might run into those pesky 2nd Amendment freaks, it’s a slow death, almost imperceptible because it’s not all at once. People hardly know it’s happening…people die right? Everyone gets cancer, right? We’ll probably all have some heart issue in our lifetime, right? Here take this pill so you won’t have these issues (wink, wink).

But now they want people to volunteer. They want people to kill themselves, or at least give permission to have someone else, a doctor or nurse, murder them.

Like vaccines they’re doing it with guilt: “Are you 70? Haven’t you lived long enough? Don’t be a burden on society.”

“Don’t you want to save the planet? There’s no better way to save the planet than to reduce the population of the world. Didn’t you read what Bill McGuire, volcanologist, climate scientist, writer, broadcaster, activist, socialist, best-selling author of HOTHOUSE EARTH: AN INHABITANT’S GUIDE, recently wrote on Twitter?”

If I am being brutally honest, the only realistic way I see emissions falling as fast as they need to, to avoid catastrophic #climate breakdown, is the culling of the human population by a pandemic with a very high fatality rate.1

In the backrooms of government buildings, the morally vacant state says, “And you’ll save us shitloads of money.”

“Did we mention that, ‘You’ll save the state shitloads of money?’ Especially you older people who want pensions and medical care during your declining years. Shitloads!”

“Mr. Jones, just think, you’ll unburden your family with any messy in home care, you’ll save the planet and the shitloads of money the state will save will go toward your grandchildren’s education in our state-funded propaganda centers so they can become effective working drones for the elites. It’s the right thing to do.”

Older man. 70 is enough. We can die now. I'm leaving 11/13/2024

They really want permission to do this. They want people to volunteer.  Just like they want people to say, “A man can become a woman,” or ” A man can get pregnant.” Just like they want people to volunteer to get vaccinated to protect granny and the children. They want, they need permission, because it exposes weakness not only to them, but to those granting it.

With permission there is consent, with permission useless eaters have bent the knee to the bully and once they’ve done that, the state will ask them to do it again and again and again until finally they’ll ask for permission to kill them and they’ll agree for the good of the world and they’ll feel good about it….probably right up until the time they truly realize what is happening, but then it will be too late.

If they can get people to voluntarily abort their children, all the better.

If they can get people to voluntarily give up their freedoms, all the better.

If they can get people to voluntarily get vaccinated every six months, all the better.

And if they can get people to voluntarily end their lives…they’ll smile not with pity or remorse, but triumph.

Man getting ready to take a mask off. Next frame a monster's head on the same body. Text: Unmasking the Monster. Govt & MSM: Trust me. Govt & MSM: Sucker!

Jack King (not his real name) was a doctor in the U.K. Like Naomi Wolf in Facing the Beast, King is angry (He made me angry too…can you tell?). As a doctor he sees the push for euthanasia as completely antithetical to his profession and they are asking doctors and nurses to take on this task. King remarks:

No doctor or nurse should ever be officially involved in any form of euthanasia, and any that does is unfit to remain within the healing profession.2

They want doctors and nurses to bend the knee too, to become a willing partner in the evil.

One of King’s points in all this is, what kind of doctor or nurse will be attracted to performing euthanasia? Probably the same kinds who don’t mind being involved in abortion.


The medical profession is not free of psychopaths and it is naïve to assume that it is or ever could be.3

Doctors and nurses are already receiving training in euthanasia. So, someone who is supposed to do no harm, who is supposed to do all they can to save you, will also be able to make a judgment to say, “Hey, maybe you’re not worth saving. Maybe, you should cash it in? Just a suggestion, from this god in the white coat.”

King says it is ludicrous for doctors to make predictions about how long someone has to live or how debilitating their future looks. King, a doctor for around 40 years, says he has seen many, many people given only months to live who survive for many, many years, even decades. Doctors can only guess and to make a recommendation for euthanasia based on a guess is criminal.

In Great Britain’s LCP (Liverpool Care Pathway) patients who are given a “prognosis of death” can have water, food and medication withheld from them.

Many patients were, it was revealed, being subjected to the LCP because a prognosis of death had been made. None of the clinicians supporting the LCP seemed concerned that the term ‘prognosis of death’ is entirely meaningless in clinical terms in that a prognosis is a prediction and it is pretty safe to say that the term ‘prognosis of death’ can be applied to any one of us.4

There has also been a push for patients admitted to hospitals to sign DNRs (Do Not Resuscitate). They are often told resuscitation can be painful. “Okay, Doc, just let me go, I don’t want any pain trying to live, that would be horrible. Let my wife know.”

There is a lot in this book of about 100 pages. He covers DNRs, the assault on the elderly, many of the current countries where “assisted suicide” (murder) is legal, the depopulation agenda, the organ harvesting agenda and a lot more. It’s a quick read and an important book on the subject.

If you’re not angry about euthanasia, you will be after reading this book.

Here a few more quotes:

Encouraging patients to kill themselves is much easier than having to bother diagnosing and treating them.
If you feel that I am being unkind to the once revered healing professions let me remind you, yet again, that during the covid lockdowns, huge numbers of patients were routinely murdered with ‘kill shots’ consisting of an opioid and a benzodiazepine. (Morphine and midazolam were the favourite tools of death.)5

Doctors surely kill enough people without encouraging them to do it legally and on purpose.6

There is a savage irony in the fact that we have now reached the point where, on balance, well-meaning doctors in general practice, and highly trained, well-equipped specialists working in hospitals, may do more harm than good.7

The reality is that euthanasia is largely about saving money.8

I suspect that many of the people who will be attracted to this bizarre and counter-intuitive branch of medicine will be psychopaths.9

I now feel betrayed by the new generation of GPs who have chosen to abandon the traditional role of the family doctor, and it is a cause of great sadness to me that they feel no sense of vocation and that their dedication appears to be their bank balances rather than to their patients.10


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