Too Close to Home

My wife’s healthy, vibrant and active uncle died suddenly in his sleep a couple of weeks ago. He was in his early 80s, a gardener, photographer and caretaker of his wife who has been in and out of the hospital the last couple of years. He was fully vaxxed and so is she. He had no health issues. When we told the caretakers they just couldn’t believe it. He had been helping them take care of his wife.

When I heard my wife on the phone in the other room I knew something was terribly wrong and I assumed something had happened to her aunt who had just arrived back from the hospital a week earlier.

I hurried into the kitchen, “What’s wrong?” I asked.

“My uncle is dead. He died in his sleep last night,” she replied.

I couldn’t believe it. It made no sense…but, of course, it did make sense.

I remember my wife’s uncle asking us right at the beginning of all this if we were going to get vaxxed, we said “No” and he asked why. At that point I answered with the only reason we had at the time: there was no way to know the long term effects of it and we didn’t want to risk it. The conversation went no farther than that.

A majority of my wife’s family is jabbed and a good portion of mine also is. Most of my friends have taken the jab. We live in California which according to How Bad is My Batch(opens new window) is one of the best states to live in if you’ve taken the shot. By percentage your chances of death are less here than in 40 other states. Up until my wife’s uncle’s death we knew no one personally who had died from from the jab.

Just a side note here for the skeptics. Do we know 100% that he died from the so-called vaccine? No, we don’t. But we also don’t know that he didn’t. If that had happened five years ago I would have thought, well, he was in his 80s and he had a good life…just very strange we had no warning at all. But as they say, context is everything. So today, unless it is proven otherwise, I’m 99% sure it was the vaccine.

But of course we’ll never know because The Powers That Be do not want to find out because they do not want us finding out. Imagine if the unvaccinated were dying suddenly or in their sleep as often as we are now seeing the jabbed dying? The Mainstream Media would be talking about it 24/7 just as they were when all those people were dying from Covid….oh wait…that was with Covid because most of those people had comorbidities and no one was treating them early as they should have and they told them go home until they could barely breath so they could then come back to the hospital, be put on a ventilator and die.

That is what we call totalitarian efficiency.

One of the things that struck me hard in Gasoline by Deanna Kline, is the number of active, elderly people whose lives will never be the same because of the vaccine. It’s easy for people to think, well, she was 87 or he was 93. So what? But many people live active, enjoyable, fulfilling lives well into their 90s. Is their life any less important than a 40 year-old’s? I guess if you live in Canada it is and I suspect at some point if we keep heading down the road we’re on the Globalists will try to convince the older generation that they’ve had their time and for the good of the planet and their fellow human beings they should just walk of a cliff, preferably one high enough to be lethal so they don’t take up valuable hospital space and resources.

The other thing that has struck me hard through this ordeal as our family has rallied around my wife’s uncle’s daughter and wife (who is basically an invalid at this point) is that this is happening to millions of other people worldwide. In our case there is an extra burden on our family as my wife’s aunt needs 24/7 care, so we’re all contributing and trying to help my wife’s cousin (an only child) figure out how to get through this moving forward. We’re not unique in our situation and ours is far better than many others. I think in particular of young families who have lost their father or mother. Or God forbid, families where a child has died needlessly.

The funeral will be in a week, almost three weeks after he died. That was the earliest time they could get. That’s a long time and I don’t remember any funeral I’ve been to happening three weeks after the death. But this is 2023, not 2019.

Vaccine Deaths & Adverse Events ARE the Story

The horrific results of getting the jab is THE STORY, it’s not the GOP pretending they’re going to do something in the next two years or China’s balloon or Ukraine or Biden’s cardboard boxes. These are distractions. We’re in the midst of a democide(opens new window) that most people are not aware of. They want us to forget about it and get occupied with bread and games while more and more people are murdered and maimed. They want to normalize people dying suddenly in their sleep or on a jog or during a soccer game or standing in line to get their booster. We can’t let them do that.

People are dying from vaccines and our governments are still pushing them as “safe and effective.” Think about that.

The simplest explanation is they want to kill us.

Do not comply.

Rest in Peace, Bob, you left us far too early and you will be missed.

One of the Good Guys by Bob Moran. Used by permission.

One of the Good Guys by Bob Moran. Used by permission. View or Buy Print.





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