Trudeau and Ford: The Desperation of Tyrants

Here’s what Castro Trudeau tweeted this morning:

Make no mistake: The border cannot, and will not, remain closed. Every option is on the table. So, if you’re participating in these illegal blockades that are taking our neighbourhoods and our economy hostage, it’s time to go home – especially if you have your kids with you. [emphasis mine]

Is this a threat to the truckers’ children? It sure sounds like it. Does Justin Hitler Trudeau have any idea what would happen if he carries through with that? This big piece of shit has only words at this point and he thinks that by making his threats more and more severe that the truckers will magically all decide to go home. Not happening. Their resolve has only strengthened. It is strengthening the resolve in all of us…all over the world. The more these petty tyrants talk, the more they double and triple down, the more intense our fight for freedom becomes. Moneychangers all of them.

His cohort, Doug Ford the Ontario Premier, had this to say:

Let me be as clear as I can: There will be consequences for these actions and they will be severe.

The consequences of their actions may also be severe. Crimes against humanity are in order. Tribunals are in order.

I think they’re scared and rightly so.


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