Trust the Facts. Refuse the Vax.

The information is out there. The CDC and Tony (Dr. Death) Fauci keep changing their story. I feel like I’m living in The Twilight Zone. When Trump was President (and actually he still is the rightful President), politicians and celebs were not going to take the evil vaccine. Oh no, anything Trump did was terrible, a plot, an evil scheme.

Then, suddenly, Biden steals the Whitehouse and guess what? The vaccine (that thing that isn’t really a vaccine) is suddenly okay. More than okay. It’ll stop you from getting COVID. It’ll make you popular on social media. You can virtue signal with every shot injected into your body! Glorious.

But now…well, it won’t stop you from getting COVID (Omicron now….what’ll it be tomorrow?), but if you die from COVID it’ll be less painful. It’ll be a calm death. Of course, you could die from the jab or get a host of other issues…well, we won’t talk about that. Doctors won’t talk about it. The media won’t talk about it. Let’s just not talk about anything that is uncomfortable because we are all still in junior high school.


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