Truth Teller: The Price by Vernon Coleman

Distrust the government; Avoid mass media; Fight the lies.

— Vernon Coleman

Truth Teller : The Price. A speaker's crowd grows less and less until even he is gone.

Truth Teller: The Price by Vernon ColemanAnother angry author…who has every right to be angry. In the beginning of Truth Teller: The Price Vernon Coleman writes:

I once had agents and publishers selling my books in 26 languages and just about every country in the world. I’ve now lost all those agents and publishers. I’ve had a number of books banned by independent online platforms.

It seems quite a price to pay just for telling the truth.1

Coleman has been banned from YouTube (no surprise there), lost a substantial income, been “discredited,” labelled a conspiracy theorist, had his phone tapped, been expelled from the Royal Society of Arts, been suppressed on social media and the list goes on. He repeats this and more throughout the book. I don’t blame him.

Coleman, like Steve Kirsch, has offered to debate his detractors but no one has accepted. It is more effective to simply ignore someone who tells the truth than to actually get in the ring where weaknesses and shoddy logic quickly come to light. It’s the same tactic we’ve seen used throughout these last four years. People who rely on mainstream media for their news often don’t even know the alternative views that are out there.

Jim Gaffigan in his Dark Pale special said, “I don’t know much about global warming, but I do know they stopped debating it.” I guess that’s true in one sense…the mainstream stopped debating it a long time ago by simply ignoring those who disagree. For most people it’s comforting to have everything settled—doing your own research, i.e. thinking, is messy business, better left to the experts.

My one criticism of the book is that it is not divided up into chapters. It’s one long essay and Coleman writes about many things, most of them Covid related, but many of them are personal stories about what he did before Covid came along. Coleman doesn’t hold back. There’s not a lot tact exhibited in this book. Coleman is through with being nice:

Since the covid-19 vaccine was and is experimental, all the doctors who gave the vaccine without telling their patients that the vaccine was experimental, and then duly obtaining their permission, were and are guilty of war crimes.2

The fake pandemic which started in 2020 proved beyond question that governments everywhere want to kill their elderly citizens.3

It now seems laughable that Google’s corporate motto used to be ‘First do no evil’. Google and its subsidiary YouTube, have become among the most fascist, evil, censorious and oppressive media organisations in the world – totally opposed to free speech.4

Looks like the Google Search page, but it says Cancel. Buttons say: Spoonfed Search and I'm feeling Gullible

Today, Parliament and the institutions consist of men and women who are devoid of any sense of responsibility. Both are run by greedy, self-serving individuals whose only interest is in furthering their own ambitions. And the medical establishment, all of it, was bought long ago by the pharmaceutical industry and is now full of whores.5

Remember: anyone who is a pro-vaxxer is an ignorant, deluded and dangerous fool.6

I have learned many things in the last twelve months but the one thing I’ve learned for certain is that there are far more lob dotterels, joltheads and lobcocks around than I would have thought possible.7

Today’s BBC is Biased, Bought and Corrupt.8

Second, Sridhar says this experimental vaccine, which only has a temporary approval let us not forget, is 100% safe for children.
And that is a downright, 100%, solid gold, lie.
And for that lie alone this bloody woman should be hung, drawn quartered, boiled in oil and tarred and feathered.9

I’ll end this section with this one. Coleman writes:

I hope, dear reader, that you begin to sense my frustration, my anger and my weariness.10

We do Vernon, we do. I wouldn’t call this a fun book. It’s a lot commentary about where we find ourselves after 2020 and a lot personal stories about what happens when you genuinely want to tell the truth and have a large audience (they’ll be coming after us nobodies down the road). He writes a lot about the BBC and drug companies in general. He has little use for today’s U.K. doctors or politicians…as you would expect.

He’s angry about what they’ve done to him and his wife. He’s angry about what they’ve done to children.

Vernon Coleman is angry and rightly so.

I’ll close with this:

You think it’s unlikely that anyone would dare ban huge chunks of the internet?
You don’t think they would do that?
I’m afraid those sentiments don’t work anymore.
Who would have thought they would have dared lock up whole nations and destroy the global economy?
The people behind this fraud have deliberately killed millions of people and if we don’t stop them they will kill billions.
There isn’t anything they wouldn’t do.11

THiNK Twice Censorship meme.


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