Uncovering the Corona Narrative by Ernst Wolff

Nothing happens accidentally in politics, and when something happens, you can bet on it that it was exactly planned that way.

— Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Dr. Robert Malone alerted his newsletter subscribers to this August 2021 presentation by Ernst Wolff. It is an excellent presentation / essay and well worth the full read. I will warn you, the first part is a bit depressing, but he ends on a very high note.

The essay gets into the details of how what we are seeing currently has all been planned. He quotes the epigraph to this page and then goes into detail about Klaus Schwab, Blackrock and others. The Roosevelt quote reminds me of something Steve Bannon often says:

There are no conspiracies but there are also no coincidences.

It is the end of the essay that makes reading the rest of it worthwhile because it offers real hope.

Abraham Lincoln once said “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time.”

Exactly that, the truth will appear in our time, and this naturally has an enormous meaning for us, because ironically, it opens up for us that which Klaus Schwab has termed “ a unique window of opportunity”, however, in exactly the reverse dynamic (to what he intended).

Namely, that via the collapsing narrative, the credibility of those who have led us into this situation is being buried by the day, and because of that, a unique window of opportunity has opened for all of us for a vast and comprehensive campaign of enlightenment. The objective conditions to enlighten others about the real background to the alleged “pandemic”, about the real balance of power in the world, and the real threats we face, have never been as good as now and they are getting better day by day because the other side are getting entangled in their increasingly unbelievable lies and even if the digital-financial complex should succeed in introducing the new currency that would also not be the end of the world. Digital central bank money can, namely only function as the basis of a comprehensive coercive system. One will always introduce new price controls, continuously increase the Universal Basic Income and create permanent inflation with emphatic pressure, which in turn will lead to a continuous impoverishment of the population and constant conflict with the state and the authorities.

What we need to understand is the following:

Without any doubt, we stand before turbulent and also dangerous times, but we hold an historic trump card in our hands. It consists in the fact that the other side does not act according to the rules of reason but strives out of motives of greed and power and therefore, cannot do anything other than bring itself into ever greater difficulties. We should use exactly that (weakness) and always keep in view, that the other side likes more money, more property and additionally, to have available all the weapons in the world. But their power is not based on their money, nor on their possessions or their weapons but relies solely upon one factor: And that is the ignorance of the majority of people. i.e., the majority doesn’t understand the evil game that this minority are playing with them.

As terrible as everything is that the digital-financial complex and it’s helpers have served up in the past 18 months, and still continue to serve up, it has put itself in a situation which it cannot get out of and in which, out of despair it must cross ever more “red lines.”

This means for all of us, that in this exceptional situation we should quite simply, keep the peace, consistently expose all the lies, and show people bit by bit, why, and by whom, they are being deceived.

When we do that, and in doing so reflect on the strength of our arguments, then, we can not only solve the current problem, but possibly, achieve something much bigger, namely, use one of the deepest crises of humanity to turn around the direction of human history, and so, open the door to a new (and better) era.

I do believe we are seeing a kind of reawakening to what is going on in our world. More and more people are coming over to our side, not the opposite. As our governments weave more and more lies, as they try to implement more and more totalitarian laws, as more and more people through their own personal experiences see the devastation brought on by lockdowns and vaccinations a shift is occurring, a shift to freedom and independence and away from these men and women who want to be gods.

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