United Airlines to Let Workers Who Didn’t Get COVID-19 Vaccine Return to Work

United 2836 from Tokyo-Narita...Well actually from Washington (as UA2835) via Narita (where it became UA2836). The new livery says "Connecting people. Uniting the world."

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If You Got the Jab, That Must Feel Great

In an earlier blog I asked the question if the COVID backtrackers got what they wanted. The New Zealand High Court quashed the unlawful vaccine mandate for police and defense sources. Of the 31,000 employees there were only 300 that did not get vaccinated.

Now we have United Airlines showing us that they can follow the new science or is it the old science? Is it science at all? In any case, United Airlines is going to let the unvaccinated come back to work. Oh joy! Let’s all shake their hands and let them know it’s good to see people with the ability to make significant changes, sometimes 180 degree changes, for the good of their employees. I’ll bet their office doors are always open, too.

Kirk Limacher from Human Resources said this:

These changes [less COVID cases] suggest that the pandemic is beginning to meaningfully recede. As a result, we’re confident we can safely begin the process of returning our RAP employees to their jobs

The Epoch Times reports that of the 67,000 employees 200 were fired for not taking the jab. They did let some workers (we’re not told how many) take different positions or experience unpaid leave. United was not willing to say whether those 200 who were fired would get their jobs back.

I hope if offered their jobs back, they don’t take them. I hope they sue United. There is another lawsuit going on apparently for those put on unpaid leave. Their attorney, John Sullivan, had this to say:

We are gratified to see United returning employees to work since they should have never been put on unpaid leave for their faith or health.  Hopefully people are beginning to see that individual rights should not be swept aside even during a pandemic.

What if you are one of the many individuals who reluctantly got the jab and are now experiencing adverse effects? Worse, what if you died from the jab that now is optional? The HR spokesman was also careful to say:

Of course, if another variant emerges or the COVID trends suddenly reverse course, we will reevaluate the appropriate safety protocols at that time.

Don’t worry, folks, those reevaluations will become standard protocol down the road…unless we stop them.

Read the Full Epoch Times Article

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