Vaccine Mandates

It would be nice if vaccine mandates disappeared. As things begin to let up with masking, it can feel like things are letting up with mandates too. But we cannot be lulled into that false sense of security. For example, in California, though one horrendous bill is currently on hold (AB 1993), there are many others that are still pushing forward. The World Health Organization (WHO) wants global control of future pandemics which no doubt would include mandates. Healthcare workers, military personnel and police forces are under the burden of vaccine mandates. These must be removed. Let us not forget the countless numbers of individuals who have lost their jobs and their businesses because of mandated draconian lockdowns.

It is estimated that the Defeat the Mandates rally in Los Angeles had over 20,000 people in attendance so it does appear that we are gaining momentum. One of the most chilling speeches given was by Brett Weinstein. It is long, but well worth reading:

I thought the danger had passed for the moment. I thought the tyrannical force that has oozed and flowed across the West was finally receding, that Omicron and spring weather were driving it into retreat. Even in deep blue Portland where I live, masks were coming off and life was returning to something like normal.

But I was wrong. The danger hasn’t gone anywhere. I discovered this when two friends contacted me about Covid policy in California, where I was raised. Even as masks are coming down here in California, the mandates that matter most are gearing up.

I am not against vaccines. Quite the opposite: as a tropical biologist who has worked with wild mammals, I am more like a vaccine enthusiast. I have been glad for the immunity vaccination has given me to yellow fever and rabies, and I look forward to the day when I can say the same about dengue and malaria.

As a biology professor, I have been thrilled to teach my students about the human immune system, and the fascinating and elegant way a good vaccine can provide what is in effect a firmware update that adds immunity to new diseases.

But ladies and gentleman, as a father, husband, brother, friend, and as a student of history, I’m terrified. I’m terrified by the industry that has captured vaccine technology and turned it from a lifesaving medical tool into an industrial profit center. I’m terrified by what is known and what is not yet known about these new technologies that are so aggressively and universally being deployed – deployed, so far as I can tell, without a hint of reasonable caution. It would be negligent even if all the science were positive so far. It is utterly reckless in light of the evidence of risk that has already emerged.

We need excellent vaccines. We need them properly tested, and we need accurate information on their risks and benefits. We need our doctors, nurses, and scientists free to assess, discuss, and advise as they were trained to do. In short, we need all the ingredients of informed consent, and we citizens need the freedom to compare notes so we can protect ourselves and our families from the capture of our medical apparatus by forces with a higher priority than our health.

What we have instead, in place of accurate information, is phony scientific “consensus,” suddenly generated and ruthlessly maintained through intimidation and fear. And in place of consent, we have a coercive, one size fits all mandate policy, all of which makes a mockery of our rights as citizens of the West, and as Americans.

Let’s be clear: these mandates make no sense from the perspective of controlling the pandemic. They prevent neither contraction nor transmission of the disease, and cannot therefore rid the world of Covid, not even in principle. They also draw no distinction between the vulnerable and the naturally immune, and make no allowance for innate immunity of the young, nor the special vulnerability of pregnant women.

These policies are utterly incoherent from a health perspective. But there is another purpose to which they seem all too perfectly tailored: by driving those who are rightly hesitant about the Covid vaccines from many professions, the mandates create a world in which the powerful have a submissive and compliant workforce at their disposal. All those who intend to raise objections are being forced out of our police forces, our military, our hospitals, and our universities. The danger of that filtering could not be more grave.

In 1946, the world sat in judgement of the Nazis at Nuremberg. Those on trial claimed that they had simply been following orders. The world rightly concluded that the fact of having been ordered was no defense.

A person has a moral obligation that transcends any duty to leaders or the chain of command. We have a sacred, absolute obligation to oppose immoral orders. That much is crystal clear. It is a civilizing insight, built on the graves of six million innocent people.

But what happens if a person gives an immoral order in 2022? To the police, to the military, to our medical professionals? Will they stand up and say, No? The chances of that have dropped dramatically in the last year, as those with the strongest tendency to object have been driven out for refusing, based on incomplete information, to consent to an experimental medical treatment.

The irony, of course, is that the orders these soldiers, cops, doctors, nurses, and professors rejected were themselves a clear violation of the Nuremberg code, defining a basic right to informed consent. The Covid vaccine mandates have in this way rolled back humanity’s hard-won gains at Nuremberg twice over.

We have a massive medical experiment conducted on patients without informed consent, and those who refuse to enforce, accept, or administer the mandated experimental treatment are cast out of their chosen professions. We are unlearning the most important lessons of history.

Informed consent and refusing immoral orders have, in a single year, been replaced with a universal requirement to take a radically new medical treatment and shut up about the unscientific and immoral logic behind it. Those who refuse are stigmatized, surrender basic rights, and driven to the economic fringe. I don’t know if the unmaking of Nuremberg is intentional, but regardless: the danger in these policies could not possibly be more real. We are setting the stage for the next tragedy of history. Our highest obligation is to resist and to pull as hard as we possibly can in the opposite direction.

If our rights are to be protected, if our health is to be improved, if we are to benefit from good vaccines and good medication and good information, we must regain control of our captured system. We must preserve the gains of Nuremberg, liberate the practice of medicine from the pharmaceutical industry, defeat the mandates, and come together as Americans.[emphasis mine]


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