Vintage Political Cartoon Repurposed: The MAGA Fist

A fist hitting the Biden Regime brick wall. There are names, social media companies and publications from the alternate media on three arms behind the MAGA Patriots fist.


Original Cartoon

American Artworks (Wartime Cartoons)
War Cartoons. “Putting all their Punch into one Glove”
by R.O. Evans in the Baltimore American – NARA – 20807478 (cropped).jpg
circa 1917

Ray Evans(opens new window), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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Meme Transcription

The Biden Regime

MAGA Patriots

Gettr, Gab, Substack, Rumble, TruthSocial,

Trump, Bannon, Malone, Wolf, Dowd, Kirsch, Alexander

The Epoch Times

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