Vintage Political Cartoons: Who Do You Like the Best?

A Donkey and Elephant looking at a woman. Who do you like the best, the elephant asks. I hate both of you equally, the woman responds.

I’ve been exploring some vintage political cartoons and I’m going to start repurposing them as meme/cartoons for today. I’ll post both my edited version and the original version with historical comments (if there are any). I reversed the order of the characters so the order of the text would work better.

The Original:

English: Nina Evans Allender (1872-1957), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

"Training the Animals." Dimensions H-11.5 W-13.75 inches Nina Evans Allender (1872-1957)

From Wikipedia Commons:

Drawing of a woman holding a treat labeled “vote” for an elephant and a donkey

A woman tries to train the Republican Elephant and the Democratic Donkey, using her “Votes.” This cartoon was originally published in “The Suffragist” on February 1, 1920. The caption on the original drawing is: “Training the Animals.” Dimensions H-11.5 W-13.75 inches

Nina Evans Allender (1872-1957)

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Meme Transcription

Who do you like the best?

I hate both of you equally.

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