We Are Forces to be Reckoned With

In my book, I’m Nobody. Who Are You? Can We Save the World? I wrote,

Maybe the answer is out there with one of you who is reluctant to write a book or a song, or start a business, or become a stand up comedian or….who knows?

As Shakespeare said, don’t let your doubts stop your attempt to gain a good we might need in this crucial time.

I love the article below, “A Force to Be Reckoned With,” and the story about The Light Paper which is now printing over 100,000 copies. I’ll bet the guy who started it is a lot like the rest of us. Here’s what the article says about him:

The Light’s founder Darren Nesbit had absolutely no experience in journalism or publishing. But he was so disgusted by what he was seeing in the legacy media he felt compelled to create something that gave different information to the propaganda being pumped out. He also wanted to reassure people they were not alone in questioning the so-called facts and narratives the mainstream was pushing.[emphasis mine]

Maybe you’re thinking of doing something to help the cause? Go for it. Maybe you’ll end up like me with a very small following (I’m not complaining) and not even 20 of my books sold at this point.

Who cares? You’re reading this, right? Almost 20 people have read my book.

But maybe you’ll have the kind of success Darren had, not because you were looking for success, but because like Darren, like me, you are disgusted by the last three years and want to contribute, want to help. Toward the end of my book I wrote:

All at once. That seems to me to be a key to what we are facing. These regimes will get away with whatever they can, but if enough people speak out and do not comply, what can they do?

If an ocean of nobodies give these regimes the finger, what are they going to do?

We will be a force that cannot be reckoned with.

What are you waiting for?

  • A Force to Be Reckoned With

    How independent media has become a force to reckoned with as it rises from the ruins of the legacy media.

    Jemma Cooper continues:

    The events of the last three years have shown how institutions many of us thought we could trust are not acting in humanity’s interests at all. Governments, health organisations, academia, and science have all revealed themselves to be little more than compromised bodies working for globalist and corporate agendas.

    You could argue that nowhere has this been more apparent than in the world of legacy media. Over the last three years, censorship and propaganda have been deliberately and overtly used to suppress debate, withhold truth, brainwash audiences, and create a culture of fear.

    On The Light Paper:

    Take for example the UK-based Light Paper. It’s a print newspaper that grew organically out of information leaflets and flyers being handed out at London freedom rallies. It started in September 2020 and now has a print run over more than 100,000 a month. There are also similar versions of the paper in Australia, Ireland, Canada and Germany.

    Is Formal Training Necessary?

    The issue of formal training is also one that has less validity now, the mainstream is crumbling. Formal training in any area of work often serves as a way of putting people into narrow boxes and conditioning. Formal training can often be nothing more than a recipe for prescribed thinking, behaviour and attitudes that serves the system.

    Formal training is often simply shorthand for indoctrination.

As censorship increases also consider using email and text messages to send links.

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