We Must Pushback Against Any Mandates

This is an encouraging development. My family and I have been wondering if there are any kind of mandates (masks, vaccines) will the general populace say no?

It looks like maybe they will.

Not sure it’s a huge win, though. The Epoch Times article states:

‘The statement also said that “visitors, patients, and members are strongly encouraged to also wear masks in these settings,” according to the paper. “We have not changed our masking requirements in the hospital, which have been in effect since April: employees and physicians are required to wear masks and we ask visitors to wear masks when in the hospital.”’

I guess it’s a win…so as a patient you don’t have to wear a mask, but everyone else in the hospital does….Why don’t they (the hospital staff) fight back?

  • This is what it will take. We have to power to overturn mandates if we stand together!

    Kaiser Permanente, one of the biggest ‘healthcare providers’ in the United States and an operator of many hospitals across the country had announced on August 24th that it would be bringing back mask mandates. Their staff and the general public had other ideas, however.

    According to an article in the Epoch Times:

    “They told us a bunch of [expletive],” Richard Staudinger, a North Sacramento resident, told CBS. “I think most of the people don’t believe it now.”

    Another, Craig Roberts, said, “I think it’s more political than anything, just think they’re trying to do what they did in 2020.”

    Due to the pushback, Kaiser Permanente has reversed the recently enacted policy requiring masking in its Southern California facilities.

    This is what can be done when people stand together against tyrannical, unscientific and dangerous so-called public health policies.

    It isn’t just Kaiser, either.

    Lionsgate Film Studios in Santa Monica, California had recently announced a mandate for certain employees to once again mask up at work. They have now walked that back and lifted the requirement.

    It is hoped that every facility, organisation or business that tries to reimpose mandates of any kind on their employees will see similar responses.

  • Recent Mask Mandates Lifted Amid Pushback

Vaccine Mandates. We Will Never Comply.

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