We will not…

  • shelter in place
  • wear a mask at the store
  • wear a mask at the doctor’s office
  • wear a mask outside
  • make our children wear masks
  • wear a mask
  • lockdown
  • be afraid of Covid variants
  • require masking for our employees
  • require vaccines and boosters for our employees
  • watch CNN or MSNBC or CBS or NBC or ABC or…
  • read The New York Times, The Washington Post or any other propaganda
  • believe the CDC, the FDA, the NIH, DoD, the WHO, the FBI or our governments
  • believe Gates, Fauci, Bourla, Biden, et al
  • stop singing Happy Birthday1
  • close our churches
  • close our small businesses
  • close our restaurants
  • social distance
  • follow the arrows in a grocery store aisle
  • get vaccinated
  • get a booster, any booster
  • stay silent when we hear lies
  • send our children to public schools
  • participate in a new “pandemic”
  • obey
  • conform
  • comply



  1. "Experts Warn Singing Happy Birthday Increases Risk of COVID-19 Transmission", The Science Times, Sep 08, 2020 08:30 AM EDT, Source » Those "experts" are at it again.
The traditional Uncle Sam poster with this text: I Want YOU Not To Comply No Masks. No Mandates. No Bullshit.

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I Want YOU
Not To Comply

No Masks. No Mandates.
No Bullshit.

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