We’re All in This Together. WHO Says So!

A new meme celebrating our wonderful overseers, the WHO.


No the WHO.

They have a new song out?

Not The Who, WHO.

That’s what I’m asking you.

Look at the new meme…if you dare!

Text messaging on phone. As the person is texting they get a warning from the WHO that they are approaching their pandemic boundary and must turn around of be fined.

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Meme Transcription

Where are you?

I’m about five minutes away. I’m walking fast.

Hurry up. You’re late!

Settle down. I’ll get there when I get there.

WHO SECURITY. WARNING!! You are approaching your pandemic boundary. Please stop where you are and turn around. If you proceed you will be fined and arrested. Remember, we are all in this together and we all need to do our part. Have a wonderful day!

As censorship increases also consider using email and text messages to send links.

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