What Could it Be?

The Mainstream Misfits (MSM) are completely baffled by the cancer cases striking people under 50. Researchers still can’t figure it out. What could have possibly happened in the last 3 years that would account for this? We really need to get our best and brightest experts on this right away! The Daily Mail reports:

Scientists are scrambling to find the cause of a mystery cancer ‘epidemic’ which is striking under-50s.

Kate Middleton‘s shock diagnosis last week has shone a light on the startling trend, with top doctors claiming it is a worldwide problem.

Despite years of research, researchers are baffled as to what is behind the problem.

— from “Alarm over mystery cancer ‘epidemic’ striking under-50s like Kate Middleton as scientists scramble to find cause of startling increase”

Those scientists better keep scrambling. It’s possible we may never know because the expert in the article made sure to tell us:

‘Its’ got nothing to do with Covid or vaccines – it started happening long before,’ he said.

Riiiiiiight. Move along. Latte?


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