What Now?

An orchestra. Places, Everyone. WWIII. Pandemic. MSM. WEF. WHO. CDC. FBI. Aliens. ?

We have the facts. We have the data. We have the truth.

But it doesn’t seem to matter. I guess when your agenda is built on lies the truth is an inconvenience that can be dealt with—with more lies.

I haven’t been writing or meme creating as much as I did in 2022. There are several reasons for this and one can begin to see how this all plays out for the elites.

First, I’ve had to spend more time trying to make our family economically solvent (I’m not looking for sympathy, just using personal examples here). My wife and I are both self-employed and both our businesses rely more on the “Mom and Pops” of the world than corporations, schools or big businesses. Mom and Pops were hit hard by lockdowns and the economic downturn and hence our businesses have suffered significantly. We have a strong family network so we’re not going starve, but we have talked about those that do not have the kind of family net that we have been blessed with and you can begin to see why people have a difficult time emotionally trying to navigate through the loss of businesses and job and why suicide looks like an option to some.

Secondly, my wife’s uncle died in his sleep back in January (we think it was vaccine related), but he has an invalid wife and only one daughter. My father-in-law and I spent three weeks helping her through the adjustment and now I spend one day a week helping out. My father-in-law has continued going everyday since his brother-in-law’s death. Here, again, you can see the extra burden vaccine injuries and deaths place on families.

Most of our family is vaccinated, many are getting sick more frequently than normal (it seems) and if we have any other deaths or debilitating side effects in addition to being devastated with such news there will be more time commitments to help out. The agenda keeps people on edge, in a state of limbo and it keeps them occupied while the WHO and the globalists continue moving forward with their evil plans.

To change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that despite the abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their communities, and their country.

— Yuri Bezmenov, "Confusion is the Message" (Opens new window)

I’m also rethinking  and what to do moving forward. When I started I had no idea it would grow into what it has. It became mostly a place for me to catalog the research I was doing. I figured as long as I was doing all that research why not put it online? But then I started doing more memes, trying some satire, fiction, book reviews and more. That all contributed to my greater understanding of where we are today with some red-pilling of myself along the way. But what now? I don’t need any more convincing about the globalists’ agenda, the evil regime we have here in the U.S., the WHO’s attempt to takeover governments around the world, stolen elections or the unsafe and ineffective vaccines. That’s all a given for me.

So what now? Something Toby Rogers wrote resonates with me:

I guess where I’m at is that I don’t just want to win a scientific argument anymore. We’ve already won that argument 10,000 times (and we will win it 100,000 times more). I want to obliterate the Pharma Death Cult and replace it with a society based on love.

— Toby Rogers, Fighting the spiritual battle on the spiritual plane (Opens new window)

In the same article he wrote:

It seems to me that in general, we keep trying to out-think the other side. But the mainstream gave up on science over twenty years ago when the CDC started destroying data in order to keep the vaccine genocide going — and the media, doctors, and government colluded to cover that up. We’ve won every scientific debate ever since. For the last eight years Pharma has used military tactics — Shock & Awe, 5th-generation warfare, character assassination, surveillance and censorship, and multibillion dollar global propaganda campaigns to keep their profitable machine of death grinding along.

Joel Smalley wrote:

…I am moving more towards the psychological and anecdotal approach to reporting on the “current situation”. If someone hasn’t been swayed by the data and evidence by now, they never will.

— Joel Smalley, Dead Man Talking (Opens new window)

And eugyppius keeps us thinking realistically:

It’s important to remain optimistic and forward-looking, but we’re not going to see any kind of near-term victory here. As I say all the time, complicity in pandemic abuses is extremely widespread. The media, the greater part of our political establishment, and our bureaucratic and academic institutions, all had a hand in these crimes. They’ll never accept blame as long as they’re still in power.

— eugyppius, Don't be fooled by dumb talkshows and the emerging disingenuous mistakes-were-made rhetoric – there will be no general Corona reckoning in Germany (Opens new window)

The powers that be are going to try something big before the 2024 U.S. election. Two things they don’t want are Donald Trump or RFK, Jr winning their respective primaries. I don’t think RFK, Jr has much chance of that happening, though I think I’d vote for him before I’d vote for Trump and I voted for Trump twice. I see three possibilities, but keep in mind I’m just a dude who thought he was nearing retirement who started a website on a whim. So I’m not an expert and I do my own research, a very, very dangerous thing to do. At least that’s what I’ve heard.

These possibilities are in no particular order:

  • World War III
  • Another planned pandemic
  • Alien invasion / revelations / etc (not the kind happening on the southern border)1

These things will also keep people from addressing what is still the most important and most horrifying reality we are facing: vaccine deaths and injuries. They want us to forget about this, they want it to become so normal that we accept it like we have been trained to accept cancer and autism. Our hapless elected and unelected officials want to escape blame. We can’t let that happen.

When and if these psyops materialize there must be massive non-compliance. Will that happen? I hope so. The vaccine uptake here in the U.S. is dismal and that is a good sign. But what will happen when and if vaccines are mandated? The WHO is working toward that end. Will people make the hard decisions, the inconvenient decisions, the right decisions?  Or will people be propagandized to join the WWIII bandwagon? Will they succumb to vaccinations to keep their incomes and gym passes? Will they see CGI spaceships as reality and give up essential freedoms to unite our world to defeat the aliens? Or will the aliens be lauded as superior beings whose edicts we must follow?

I wish I knew.




  1. I'm not kidding on this one. I wish I was. Many others have written about this possibility. See this post, Beware of Aliens, and read the comments and watch the video I've added.

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  • WWIII.
  • Pandemic.
  • MSM.
  • WEF.
  • WHO.
  • CDC.
  • FBI.
  • Aliens.
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