Who Was Giving the Marching Orders?

Man and woman standing in front of deep ravine. On the other side a sign says: The Truth. One of people says: Let's just report what they tell us to. It pays better.

This is an excellent essay by el gato malo.

  • cognitive carpet bombing: how to spot mass manipulation in media

    it’s really all but impossible to overstate the extent to which media saturation was used to stoke fear and spread egregious and irresponsible levels of misinformation over “the covid years.”

    it was a ubiquitous, constant, unrelenting barrage of monolithic talking points right down to all the bobbleheads using the exact same words and phrases. they were all obviously getting their scripts and marching orders from some central source.

    Orchestrated Psyop

    listen to how precisely they are repeated. same numbers, same words, same accusations. watch how everyone fixates and hits on the word “hunch” to discredit a statement that was, in fact, based in the science.

    this was either an orchestrated psyop or a truly impressive out of control emergent monkey see, money do festival to end all festivals. honestly, i lean toward the former. you do not get that kind of utter lockstep on linguistic cues without coordination.

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The Truth.

Let’s just report what they tell us to. It pays better.

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