Will There be a 2024 Election?

The Ballot. In counting there is strength. That's what's the matter. Boss Tweed: As long as I count the votes, what are you going to do about it? Say?

Harper’s Weekly, October 7, 1871 (https://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/ds.12564)

I’ve wondered about this. They stole the election in broad daylight, Biden’s numbers are plummeting, more and more people are coming to our side and seeing the bullshit all around us.

When they stole the election, they went all in. There’s no turning back from that. It seems illogical that they would just allow the election to happen and turn the keys over to us. No hard feelings, right?

This is an excellent article by Matthew Ehret. I recommend reading the whole thing, but here are some highlights below.

  • Why Assume there will be a 2024 Election? America's 1934 "Bankers' Coup Plot" Revisited

    Earlier this week, former President Donald Trump announced his intention to run in the 2024 elections which is a no-brainer considering his support among potential republican contenders is 49% (compared to a 25% support for DeSantis) and no other candidate earning above 7%.

    It didn’t take two days before Defense Authorization Act of 2022 (HR-4350)(opens new window) was passed by the House of Representatives giving the President full controls over the military in all domestic operations and which takes direct aim at all “domestic extremists” in the USA.

    I plan to look through the above bill (don’t have time at the moment), but a cursory glance gives us this gem:

    (1)The terms “extremist activities” and “extremist organization” have the meanings prescribed by the Secretary of Defense.

    I found this because I was looking for the definition of both those terms in this very long document.

    Anyway, back to Matt.


    Even though the financial elite of Wall Street had pulled the plug on the system four years earlier, the population had still not been broken sufficiently to accept fascism as the solution which Time magazine told them it was. Instead, the people voted for one of the few anti-fascist presidential candidates available in 1932 when Franklin Roosevelt was elected under the theme of taking the money lenders out of power and restoring the constitution.

    An Assassination Attempt before Inauguration

    Many people remain totally ignorant that even before his March 4, 1933 inauguration, Franklin Roosevelt narrowly avoided an assassination attempt in Florida which saw 5 people struck by bullets and the mayor of Chicago dying of his wounds 3 weeks later. Within days of the mayor’s death, the assassin Giuseppe Zingara was speedily labelled a “lone gunman” and executed without any serious investigation into his freemasonic connections. This however was just a pre-cursor for an even greater battle which Wall Street financiers would launch in order to overthrow the presidency later that year. This effort would only be stopped by the courageous intervention of a patriotic marine named Smedley Darlington Butler.

    Behind it All

    Over the course of the next several months, Butler discovered that America’s financial elite centered around John Pierpont Morgan Jr., the Harrimans, the Melons, Warburgs, Rockefellers and Duponts were at the heart of the plot. These men used their agents such as Gerald MacGuire a Morgan-affiliated bond salesman, Democratic Party controllers John W. Davis and Thomas Lamont (both occupying directorships in the House of Morgan), Robert Sterling Clark (heir to the Singer sewing machine fortune), Grayson Prevost Murphy and Harriman Family investment banker Prescott Bush. All of these characters had become well known “investors” in European fascism, owned the biggest media platforms including Fortune and Time Magazine (both of which promoted Mussolini extensively for years), and controlled the levers of industry.

    Coup Plotters

    The coup plotters lost no time forming a new organization on August 22, 1934 called the American Liberty League which spent the next decade sabotaging FDR’s New Deal. This group made every effort to promote an American alliance with Axis powers (until 1941’s Pearl Harbor attack), widely financed eugenics, and after FDR died, acted as the driving force behind the McCarthyite police state in America during the Cold War. Without understanding this fascist deep state operation within the heart of the American establishment, it were impossible to make sense of the manichean Cold War dualism that destroyed FDR’s vision for a world of cooperating sovereign nation states or.[sic]

    Take all this Seriously

    Today, a new systemic meltdown of a $1.5 quadrillion derivatives bubble has similarities to the 1929 crash and other similarities to the 1923 hyperinflation of Weimar. While the coronavirus may or may not be used to trigger this new blowout, one thing is certain: a new fascist coup and general war should be taken more seriously than ever.

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